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St. Louis Youth Fitness utilizes athletic training space inside of CrossFit St. Louis. CrossFit St. Louis is the premiere CrossFit gym in the St. Louis area with over 11,000 square foot of floor space. We utilize youth specific equipment, but we also take advantage of many of the elements available through CF STL to extend our range of movements and exercises that we expose to our athletes.



Wes devotes much of his life to fitness, nutrition and athletics. He has a passion for training young minds and bodies in order to get them to the next level of fitness.

After achieving All-State honors as a high school athlete in soccer and baseball, he continued baseball at Quincy University and majored in athletic training. In college he worked with baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, football, tennis, golf, and volleyball athletes.  Since then, he has gained knowledge as a personal trainer for over 10 years.  He has worked with grade school, high school, college and professional athletes. His motivation and determination inspires others to achieve their own specific performance goals.


Since 3rd grade Stephanie had only been in love with one sport…basketball.   She was an all-state high school player and four year letter winner at the University of Wisconsin. After graduation, Stephanie went on to be an assistant women’s basketball coach for Furman University and Saint Louis University.


Stephanie had been part of teams since she was 10 years old and after “retiring” (young age of 29) from college coaching in 2011. 

As a trainer, Stephanie is the youth and high school program director.

Stephanie graduated from Wisconsin in 2005 with a degree in communication.   She is a full time real estate agent for STL Real Estate and not surprisingly, she found her way back to the basketball court as an assistant girls coach at Cor Jesu Academy.


Todd has been involved in athletics his entire life on both sides of the sideline, having played baseball, basketball and football.

As an adult, Todd has coached over 50 combined seasons of Youth baseball, basketball and football and has many successful teams to his credit. He currently works with the teams of his own sons, preparing yet another generation of young athletes for high school and collegiate athletics.

A former Marine, Todd has a good presence with middle school and high school athletes, balancing his demanding style, with encouragement that keeps athletes progressing. He is a CrossFit certified Coach, CrossFit Kids certified coach, CrossFit Football certified coach, and CrossFit Endurance certified coach. He also re-certifies bi-annually with First Aid and AED training.

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