Monday and Thursday Classes:

6:30-7:30 pm

Our Monday/Thursday evening class is designed to make your athlete a better conditioned performer. In this class, we cover the mechanics of movement required to be a great performing athlete. Their league coach will teach them a sport. Allow us to teach them to move; efficiently and proficiently.

We work on the basics elements of Strength, Speed and Agility. In sports, these traits lead to on-field success and success builds confidence. Our classes are designed to give your athlete continual feedback and measurement. We coach in 3 simple steps:

  • Mechanics - Learning to move properly and efficiently

  • Consistency - Applying learned movement broadly

  • Intensity - Executing efficient movement at game speed


Athletes must learn mechanics first, then they will be able to learn to execute the movements consistently, and finally, they will be able to apply them with intensity. So many clinics and coaches start athletes off, working at full intensity ("OK, infield, let's turn two!") when they have yet to teach them the fundamentals of catching a ball, transitioning from glove to hand and the proper mechanics to make a good throw. It's a baseball example, but we can all relate to the story. We've seen it play out in a variety of sports.​ We work with every athlete to build a solid foundation, then, we progress onward.