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2021 Youth Performance Camp

What is the purpose of summer camp?

You might think it is to get them out of your hair, and for you, that might be right. But here's what is in summer camp for them.

Daily camps Mon-Thu 10:30-12:00 weekly all summer long!

The truth is, 90-minutes sessions are about all their bodies can handle, and all that their bodies need. This session focuses on five athletic performance components: Speed, Agility, Plyometrics, Weight Training, and Metabolic Conditioning.

SPEED: Does your athlete want to get faster? The way to do that is working on foot speed. In our camps, we will sprint, we will run 400's, we will shuttle run, and we will run intermediate distances. Your athlete will be pushed to work harder and coached to run faster by developing great running form.

AGILITY: Can your athlete change direction quickly? How are they with balance? In these camps, we will work on finding a good athletic position, and utilizing that position in any and all sports. Great movement comes from great centering and your athlete will learn this in our camps.

PLYOMETRICS: Quick, strong legs can jump, can bound and can out-leap a less conditioned athlete. In our camp, your athlete will be challenged and measured in their jumping skills. We will work with them to develop an explosive jump, getting them higher than their starting leap.


WEIGHT LIFTING: In the afternoons, we slow it down for a good hour. In this hour, your athlete will be challenged with age-appropriate weight training. Weight training develops strong muscles, and strong bones. In these sessions, we will dead lift, back squat, shoulder press and bench press. We will also work with dumbbells and kettle bells.

In some movements, we will measure their work and help them develop more strength that can be measured by the weight on the bar. This tends to be the favorite segment of camps, as they realize that they are getting stronger, and grow confident in lifting.

We spend a great deal of time on technique, and not loading beyond your maturity. Your athlete is constantly taught proper lifting technique and form and these good new habits are reinforced.

METABOLIC CONDITIONING: The last workout segment of the day is a metabolic conditioning segment. In this segment, we ask them to give everything that they have left in an aerobic, lifting and gymnastic medley, that raps of the day.

Your athlete will learn just how far they can push if they want to, and just what they are capable of.

Confidence and Maturity

It is our hope, that your athlete gains confidence in their strength and abilities through our camps. Whether they are with us for 1-week or all 10, they should see performance increases. The more they come, the more they will grow.

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